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Jan 24 2014

Remote Control – not just for your TV


As many of you know, I live and breathe on remote access to not only my computers, but my customers’ machines as well.  It’s a heck of a lot easier to figure out what’s going on with a computer when I can virtually get my eyes on what’s going on.  The good folks over at …

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Dec 12 2013

Changing E-mail Addresses… It’s Not That Hard!


Let me ask a question…  Why are you still using that old e-mail address from 15 years ago? (AOL users – I’m talking to you!)  Why do you change your e-mail address when you move from Comcast to Verizon or vice-versa?  It’s time to get your own e-mail address that’s relatively “future-proof”… something like “yourname@nullyourname.com”. …

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Dec 09 2013

You need a UPS!

No, I’m not talking about the guys with the big, brown trucks. I’m talking about an Uninterruptable Power Supply. While we may have dodged the ice storm bullet this time, winter weather (in fact, weather at all times of the year) can wreak havoc with sensitive electronics. Power outages (and the resulting surge when the …

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