Dec 12 2013

Changing E-mail Addresses… It’s Not That Hard!

E-mailLet me ask a question…  Why are you still using that old e-mail address from 15 years ago? (AOL users – I’m talking to you!)  Why do you change your e-mail address when you move from Comcast to Verizon or vice-versa?  It’s time to get your own e-mail address that’s relatively “future-proof”… something like “”.   Or, if you’d rather not spend a few bucks, at least move to one of the good cloud e-mail providers like Gmail or  You may think that changing e-mail addresses is too hard to do.  Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s not.  I was thinking about writing up a detailed guide on how to go about doing it, but the great guys at Lifehacker beat me to it, with their awesome article “How to Change Your Email Address without Screwing Everything Up

A good friend of ours just made the switch from Yahoo (yuck!) to Gmail (yay!).  You CAN do it. Or if you think you can’t, give us a call and we can help!