Aug 01 2014

A Busy Summer!

Yes, we know we’ve been neglecting our blog here… it’s because we’ve been so busy taking care of our clients!


Complete! From Top Left - Phone system, phone patch connections ("66 blocks"), Network patch panel. 2nd row (from center) - Comcast digital voice interface, Comcast cable box (not connected to anything right now), Cisco network switch.  3rd Row - Voice mail processor, Comcast network interface and WiFi gateway, UPS.   At extreme left, next to the phone system is a SiriusXM receiver (with antenna at top right) for Music-on-hold.


Network Wiring

That’s a lot of wires!

Pretty Network and Phone Jacks!

Network and Phone Jacks

Swimmers... Take your Mark!

Swimmers… Take your Mark!

So far this summer, we have:

  • Completely wired a brand new office for one of our clients with phone and network (35 connections!)
  • Expanded network connections in a client’s home office, procured and installed a new workstation for a new employee
  • Redesigned and migrated a website to a new content management system platform
  • Diagnosed and troubleshot phone problems at a client site — it was Verizon’s fault!
  • Rescued a failing workstation (repeated “Blue Screen of Death”)– it’s now back in service and going strong!
  • Produced two full-length videos — one for a local theatre company, the other for an All-star Cheerleading program.
  • Designed a complete VoIP (Voice-over-IP) phone system, including custom queues, messages, notifications, etc.
  • Designed and built (from scratch) a custom swim team start system with Event and Heat display!


These are just some of the things we can do for you!  Contact us today for your custom consultation.